Active Minds in Child Expo

23 November 2018

We have presented a successful workshop last year in Child Expo 2017 “The Art of Mind Mapping”. This year we have presented a new workshop “How to Boost Your Mental Skills”. This workshop focuses on how to save our children’s brains from electronic games addiction that affects their memory negatively and limit their creativity. Through this workshop we have shown both parents and children how to use their mental skills daily by practicing different activities and games.

Moms Workshops 2018-2019

3 November 2018

Our vision is creating a new moms' community who will be leaders and role models to other moms. This winter season, we have designed different workshops with unique topics that Active Moms will enjoy about Meditation, Nutrition, Self-Development, Mental Skills and Sexual Education. These workshops will run from November 2018 till April 2019

Irlen Picnic in Alzhar Park

20 October 2018

Active Minds has sponsored this year Irlen Picnic in ISAW Event (Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week). Active Minds Teens and Kids have participated in designing and creating different art work expressing Iren syndrome symptoms and treatment.