Mohga Kinawy

Behavioral Consultant

Mohga Kinawy is a dreamer who has a vision to create new peaceful relationship between moms and kids. Her main aim in life is to guide and teach moms how to enjoy being moms. Mohga has worked as a science teacher for more than 15 years through which she found her passion in dealing with parents and children. She has studied different studies related to psychology, parenting and brain development skills. Mohga is delivering different workshops in Active Minds for moms and kids teaching them active parenting and active learning .

Dina Al Masry

Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Dina is a certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. She is interested in human development and helping people to a lead better life happily and confidently. Dina has delivered a successful series of sessions about how to manage negative emotions that block motivation and powerful skills that help people to lead a successful peaceful life. Dina is helping both moms and kids in Active Minds to know and find the cause of their negative emotions like fear, anger, sorrow and regret to deal and handle these emotions positively with their conscious active mind.

Sherine Ezzeldine

Certified professional Organiser

Sherine believes that organizing is the base to success and that it is a lifestyle not an act. She wishes to organize the world … one home at a time. She coaches women in training workshops on professional organizing, time management and home economics. Her workshop "Organize Your Home and Life", presents practical solutions. When mastered, will help moms and kids feel satisfied and in control, leading to a happier home and family life. Sherine delivers her workshop in Active Minds for housewives and working moms. She has customized her workshop for kids and teens “Organized Kids” &“Organized Teens” to embed this culture in the new generation.