I Can Read Program

Do you feel that your child is struggling at school despite being talented in arts or sports?

Is your child a slow reader and has poor spelling?

Many children are silently suffering at school, feeling that they are academically behind their colleagues and they don’t know why.

Parents feel puzzled and confused as they don’t know how to support their children. They feel that the problem of reading & writing is getting worse year after year causing frustration and low self-esteem for their children.

They try different solutions to help their children like giving them private lessons, one-to-one training in learning difficulties’ centers; however, they never seem to find real improvement.

Based on 8 years of experience in screening and tutoring dyslexic children from ages 7-16, we have designed a reading program for children from ages 7-10 years.

What’s This Program?

“I Can Read” program is an integrated program that uses a multi-sensory approach based on Orton-Gillingham program. It presents the phonological awareness rules of English in the form of interactive games and projects that help dyslexic children to understand and practice phonics rules correctly and fluently. In addition, we use memory and speed-reading techniques to help them consolidate what they are learning through the program.

Program Duration

  • Dyslexia Screening for Child/Parent (2 and a half hours)
  • 32 weeks
  • 6 rounds (First 4 Rounds for 5 Weeks and Last 2 for 6 Weeks)
  • A Two-Hour Session Once A Week on Saturdays

Program Materials

  • 6 Colorful Workbooks
  • Phonics Charts
  • Board Games
  • Flash Cards
  • Videos

Bonus Features

  • One Parents’ Coaching Session at The Start of Each Round
  • Online Dyslexia Course for Parents
  • Whats App Group for Weekly Follow Ups
  • Follow Up Report After Each Round
  • Complete Evaluation Report at The End of The Program
  • Snacks
  • Parties and Giveaways

How to Apply

Call us on/WhatsApp: 01092852030

Working days: Saturday – Wednesday

Working hours: 10:30AM – 05:30PM

Or contact us at: info@actvminds.com

How to pay