Super Moms Program

Moms are always struggling with their children on how to manage and direct their behavior and way of thinking. They are always complaining that children are not responding positively to their directions.

Old school parenting style is not the right model for moms nowadays. Today, moms have to obtain new updated tools and skills to match their children’s mentality and needs.

“Super Moms” program is designed to teach and train mothers on all life skills that they need to raise their children easily and confidently.

The program is delivered by a group of experienced professional trainers depending on hands-on activities and applications to make the program a real life experience.

What’s This Program?

“Super Moms” is a two-level program covering the following skills:

  • Personal Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Active Parenting
  • Active Learning Skills
  • Managing Negative Feelings

All the previous skills in this program are presented through interactive activities to create a lifetime learning experience that they can easily understand and apply with their children.

Program Duration

This program runs for 18 weeks

  • 9 weeks for each level
  • 9 sessions for each level
  • 1 session/week (6 hours)

Program Content

Level One:

  • How to Be A Happy Mom
  • How to Organize Your Home and Life
  • Active Parenting Tools Part 1
  • Active Parenting Tools Part 2
  • How to Boost Your Memory Skills
  • The Art of Mind Mapping
  • Managing Negative Feelings
  • Disconnect to Connect
  • Group Projects

Level Two:

  • Effective Communication Tools
  • Time Management
  • Dealing with Family Budget
  • Tame Your Anger
  • Teens Brain
  • Not a Secret (Sexual Education for Children)
  • Study Smart Not Hard Part 1
  • Study Smart Not Hard Part 2
  • Group Projects

Program Benefits

  • Whats App Follow-Up Group, to receive and send open discussions after each session and answer all moms’ questions
  • Workbook for self-reflection and exercise
  • 20% discount for moms’ one-to-one sessions during the program
  • 10% discount for their children on our workshops during the program
  • Joining “Super Moms Community” Facebook group to share experiences and support
  • Attending the annual event of Active Minds

How to Apply

Call us on/Whats App: 01092852030

Working days: Saturday – Wednesday

Working hours: 10:30AM – 05:30PM

Or contact us at:

How to pay

Payment is online through Q-Less: Click Here