Connect Siblings Workshop

Nowadays, relationships between siblings lack positive communication and bond. Most siblings prefer to spend time with their friends online rather than sharing activities with their siblings living under one roof.

Parents are unable to fix the daily problems, fights and arguments between their children. This is due to lack of parenting knowledge on how to guide and teach their children how to positively communicate their feelings and thoughts to each other.

We have designed “Connect Siblings” workshop aiming to regain old positive bonds between siblings. It focuses on building mutual understanding based on common interests as well as managing negative emotions between them like anger, jealousy and competition.

Workshop Content

  • What They Share
  • What Do They Know About Each Other
  • Love Languages
  • Tools of Positive Communication
  • Their Shared Memories
  • Their Shared Dream Project
  • Their Anger Triggers
  • Finding Solutions for Conflicts
  • Role play for Daily Problems

Workshop Duration

  • 2 Days
  • 6 hours/days

Workshop Materials

  • Hand Outs
  • Chart Boards, Colors and Stickers
  • Crafts and Blocks
  • Videos

Bonus Features

  • A Free One Hour and A Half Parents’ Session
  • Board Games Giveaway

How to Apply

  • Call us on/Whats App: 01092852030
  • Working days: Saturday – Wednesday
  • Working hours: 10:30AM – 05:30PM
  • Or contact us at:

How to pay
Payment is online through Q-Less: Click Here