Train Your Brain Workshop

Most parents are complaining that their children have problems with their concentration and focus skills. They always seem to be forgetful and cannot organize or recall the information they gain at school or in their daily life.

The brain is like our muscles, needs to be trained and stretched by regular mental activities designed to activate the brain to receive, organize and recall information effectively.

“Train Your Brain” workshop helps your kids to effectively manage the way they think and deal with the huge amount of information they’re exposed to in their daily life.

This workshop is designed to train children on how to know and use their brain unlimited capabilities through interactive games, applications, individual and group projects.

Workshop Content

  • How Our Brain Works
  • What Harms Our Brain
  • Difference Between Conscious and Unconscious Minds
  • How Your Brain Receives Data
  • Types of Memory
  • How Your Memory Works
  • Memory Systems
  • The Story of Mind Mapping Inventor
  • Benefits of Using Mind Mapping
  • Applications of Mind Mapping on Personal Skills and Studying
  • Studying Smart Not Hard Techniques

Workshop Duration

  • 4 days
  • 6 hours/day

Workshop Materials

  • Activities Workbook
  • Mental Games
  • Mind Mapping Charts

Bonus Features

  • A free hour and a half parents’ session
  • Publishing top projects on our social media platforms
  • Selecting talented children to participate in our Train Your Brain events and competitions.

How to Apply

  • Call us on/Whats App: 01092852030
  • Working days: Saturday – Wednesday
  • Working hours: 10:30AM – 05:30PM
  • Or contact us at:

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